LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD WITH MICROBIT - An Online Workshop for Young Minds



Workshop Outline:

We Live in the 21st Century Digital World.

Smart Home Systems using AI such as Alexa allows to control our home with our voice and the touch of a screen using a mobile device.

Singapore is gearing up towards being a Smart Nation and we need people to have the necessary computer programming and engineering skills.

The Young Minds of our Generation need to equip themselves for the Digital Workforce and also be able to Innovate the Future.

This workshop allows participants to explore Smart Lighting where they can program an Interactive Smart Lighting Control System by programming the Microbit to change the atmosphere of a room though different colours such as Purple,Cyan,Yellow and White.

In this Workshop, We will Explore the Use of the Microbit.

Microbit is a Pocket Sized Computer that has been Introduced in over 200 schools as part of the IMDA Digital Maker Program Empowering 10,000 students.

Microbit is a simple to use digital companion where the everyday person can learn how to program it to help them turn ideas into a Reality.

Participants will learn how to use the Makecode Platform to Program the Microbit to make Colourful Lights and associate Colours with Emotions.

Programme Objectives:

1) Introduction to Microbit and Neopixel Command (15 mins)

2) Creating Colours such as Purple, Cyan, Yellow and White (20 mins)

3) Syncing of Emotion and Light Control (25 mins)

Gabriel Perumal is the Founder of Innovation Garage

Gabriel Joachim Perumal is the Founder of Innovation Garage.

He Strongly believes in that the Young Minds of Our Generation are the Future Leaders of Tomorrow.

He has worked closely with Organisations such as Singapore Science Centre,Microsoft,HP and also have taught over 1000 students.

He is Currently Adjunct Lecturing at Singapore Polytechnic where he Graduated with a Diploma in
Clean Energy in 2013.

His Passion is in teaching Technology and Engineering to help kids to turn Ideas into Reality.

He was selected to be part of YSEALI where he respresented Singapore to share his views about STEM Education
to other participants in Asean Countries such as Cambodia and Laos.

He strongly belives in creating equal opportunities for all.

About Innovation Garage:

We love building things that put smiles on people’s faces. We want to create the Next Generation of Innovators where they can create their very own products to make the world a better place to live in.

We currently teach in schools teaching the young minds of our generation STEM using electronics and robotics as tools to create their Journey of Innovation.

We want our Singapore to be a Important Innovation Hub in the World and we believe that by providing the community the necessary tools and skill sets Innovation will takes it course and more Technological Advancements will come from Singapore.

Sat Sep 26, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM SGT
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